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||chapter thirty-four||

|| sri sai satcharitra ||

|| chapter thirty - four ||

|| the greatness of udi - 2 ||

|| Sri Ganeshaya Namaha || Sri Saraswatye Namaha ||
|| Sri Venkateshaya Namaha || Sri Sai Nathaya Namaha ||
|| Sri Sadgurubhyo Namaha ||

In this chapter, Hemad Pant tells us about the Malegaon Doctor, Dr.Pillai, Shyama’s sister in law, Irani girl, Harda gentleman, Bombay Lady and other matters.


There is a place called Malegaon in Nasik District. In Malegaon, there was a doctor by name Dr. DM Mulky. He was qualified and had a medical degree. His brothers were also doctors. His nephew, a young boy, suffered from tubercular bone abscess. Being doctors themselves, all of them tried to treat the boy. The boy was then treated by the best surgeons of Bombay but without any effect. They tried all sorts of remedies, even a surgical operation was carried out, but without any use. There was no relief and the boy’s suffering only increased. Well meaning friends, like Kakasaheb Dixit, told them that only divine intervention could help and in this connection, they could try meeting a saint in Shirdi. He was known by the name of Sri Sai Baba and was known to cure many incurable diseases. He cured many of the complicated cases by His mere glance alone. The parents, along with the boy went to Shirdi.

They took the boy in their arms to the masjid and placed the boy at the divine feet of Baba. The parents pleaded humbly and respectfully and implored Baba to save their son from further suffering. Kind hearted and merciful Baba comforted them, saying, “Don’t worry. Those who have come to this Masjidmai shall never suffer anything in this life or till the end of time itself. Be care free. Apply Udi on the abscess, and in one week he will recover. Believe in God. This is no masjid, but Dwarawati. Whoever steps in, will soon get health and happiness. His sufferings will come to an end.” The parents made the boy sit near Baba. With very loving care and tenderness, Baba caressed the affected part with His hands. Love was exuding from His eyes and the boy forgot the pain completely and was feeling very pleasant. With the regular application of Udi, the boy recovered within the time specified by Baba. The parents then sought Baba’s permission to leave Shirdi. Baba blessed them once again and gave them Udi prasadam. The grateful parents worshipped Baba throughout their life.

In 1916 Dr. Mulky was posted to Bombay in the Government service attached to the Parel Laboratory and he came to know about the improvement in the health of his nephew. Being a professional doctor, he was wonderstruck at the miracle and desired very much to see Baba. In the month of October, 1916, he fell very seriously ill and his temperature ranged between 105°F to 106° F without any remission. The local doctors did their level best but there was no improvement. After nearly a week, on one Thursday night, he got a dream. In that dream, an old man with a long white kafni to cover his body and some white cloth tied over his head appeared and said that he should not worry, that he should at once come to His darshan and that the fever would pass off at once if he promised to do so. This frightened him and he screamed and woke up. His sister-in-law brought a photo of Shri Sai Maharaj and asked him whether it was the same. He at once recognised the old man of his dream and decided that he should visit Him at the earliest. The fever did not come on again; he was fully alright and went on with his duties. Being young and with all the temptations of a city life before him, he did not go to Shirdi and entirely forgot about it.

About February, 1917 Baba reminded Dr. Mulky about what he dreamt and how he did not keep his word. Dr. Mulky was transferred from Bombay to Malegaon, and the only way which took him there was via Manmad. Kopergaon is on the way. He went over to Malegaon, and then in his heavy work, he forgot to visit Shirdi, with the result that he was once again given a reminder. He was conducting a forceps delivery case. Some decomposed fluid from the operated parts of the woman jumped into his left eye, which he did not realise till too late. The eye was swollen and was very bad. He was all alone there. He prayed to Baba probably never more seriously than at that time. The Civil Surgeon at Nasik was of the opinion that he would lose his eye, but thanks to Sai Baba, it got alright in a week's time. Dr. Mulky brought his wife to Malegaon and both of them vowed that they would not return to Bombay without seeing Sai Baba. They thought that it would not be difficult as Shirdi was on their way back,. At the end of a month, he was asked to go back to Bombay. To fulfill their vow, they came to Manmad a little early to catch the early morning train from Manmad to Dhond. While he was strolling on the platform a Deshastha Booking Clerk accosted him casually and both fell into general conversation. Somehow the doctor mentioned to the clerk the object of his staying at Manmad and the fellow began a tirade against Sai Baba which attacked even His moral character and this dissuaded them from going to Shirdi. They caught the next immediate train to Bombay and ran away as they would from a serpent. After a month in Bombay, His sister-in-law succeeded in inducing them to go over to Shirdi. Though some obstacles came in the way, they never cared for them this time. They remained firm and got Baba’s darshan. Baba mentioned the station incident of the previous month. Dr. Mulky was in tears out of shame for even thinking of having listened to that clerk.

Dr. Mulky was in Shirdi for four days and on the day he went to ask Baba’s permission to go back, Baba told him to read Jnaneshwari. Baba also told him that he would find an order on his table "transferred to Bijapur on promotion." Dr. Mulky made deep pranams and went away; and to his greatest pleasure, found the order on his table. Then Baba made him go through so many varied experiences that ultimately, the doctor became one of the staunch devotees of Baba.


Dr Pillai was one of the intimate devotees of Baba. Baba loved him very much. He used to call him as ‘Bhau’ and discussed so many issues with him. Invariably, Pillai used to sit next to Baba in the masjid. Once, Pillai suffered from an attack of guinea worms. One after another, he had seven boils on his body. The pain had become unbearable, and chanting Sai nama smarana was almost impossible with that suffering. So, when Kakasaheb Dixit visited him one day, Pillai told him, “The pain has become unbearable. I prefer death to this pain. I know that this is because of the misdeeds in the past lives and I cannot escape the effects of those misdeeds. Please go to Baba and request Him to transfer these effects to ten future births. Suffering so much of pain in this birth alone is becoming impossible for me.” Kakasaheb duly went to Baba and told him of Pillai’s request. Hearing about Pillai’s plight, Baba said, “Tell him not to worry. Why should he suffer for ten births? In ten days, he can complete the sufferings and consequences of his past Karma. When I am here to give him all the help, why should he pray for death? Bring him here on someone’s back. We can finish his sufferings once and for all.”

Somebody brought Pillai on his back and he was made to sit on Baba’s right side. Baba gave him His bolster and told him, “The true remedy is that the results of the past actions have to be suffered and got over. Our Karma is the cause of our happiness and sorrow. Therefore, put up with whatever comes your way. Allah is the only Dispenser and Protector. Think of Him always. He will take care of you. Surrender to Him completely, with body, mind, speech and wealth. Then see what He does.” Pillai told Baba that Nanasaheb had applied a bandage over the leg. Even then, he did not find any relief. Baba replied, “Nana is a fool. Take off that bandage or you will die. Now a crow will come and peck you. Then you will recover.”

It was evening. That was the time when Abdul comes for trimming the lamps and lighting them. In addition, Abdul also cleaned the masjid. Baba had just completed talking to Pillai. Pillai was trying to relax by stretching his leg. While carrying out his work, Abdul accidentally stepped on Pillai’s outstretched leg. The leg was already swollen and when Abdul stepped on it with all his weight and almost crushed the leg, Pillai let go a huge death cry. For some time to come, he was shouting. Then, he began to sing and shout. Baba was amused and said, “See, our bhau has become alright. He is singing.” Then Pillai asked Baba, “When will the crow come and peck?” Baba replied, “Did you not see the crow? It won’t come again. Abdul was the crow. Now go and take rest in the Wada. You will be all right soon.” When Abdul stepped on the leg and almost crushed it, he had squeezed out all the seven guinea worms. With the source of the infection gone, it was only a short time before Pillai recovered fully.

The cure was completed by administering a dose of Udi prasadam everyday taken internally by mixing it with water. The disease was completely cured in ten days as Baba had told.


Shyama’s younger brother, Bapaji was married and was living near the Sawul well. Once, his wife suffered bubonic plague. She had high fever and developed two buboes in her groins. Bapaji immediately went to Shirdi to meet his brother. He told Shyama everything about the suffering of his wife and requested his help. Shyama was frightened and decided to go to Sawul with his brother and render whatever help he could. Before leaving he went to masjid to seek Baba’s permission. He prostrated at Baba’s divine feet and told Him everything and sought his permission. Baba said, “Don’t go there at this late hour. Send her the Udi. Why care for the fever and the buboes? God is our father and master. She will be alright easily. Go there in the morning and return immediately.”

Nothing in this world was more important to Shyama than Baba’s words. When Baba told him not to go in the night and send only Udi, he implicitly followed Baba’s instructions. He sent the Udi with his brother Bapaji and also told him the instructions for dispensing the Udi. So, Bapaji mixed some part of the Udi with water and gave it to his wife. As soon as she took the Udi in water, she had heavy perspiration and the fever started subsiding slowly. She had a good sleep in the night. Next day morning, Bapaji found that his wife had woken up earlier than him and was actively engaged in doing her daily routine work. She was already at the fireplace and preparing tea. When Shyama went there in the morning, he was surprised at the development. His brother told him that it was all the mahima of Udi. Udi had completely cured his wife of the plague. Then Shyama recalled Baba’s instructions to return back immediately. After taking tea offered by his sister-in-law, he promptly came back to Shirdi and went to the masjid. He prostrated at the feet of Baba. Shyama asked, “Deva! What is this Leela! You raise a storm and make us restless. Then You only will remove the storm and make us calm and peaceful.” Baba replied, “Mysterious are the ways of the consequences of Karma. I don’t do anything. Still, people hold Me responsible. The actions take place because of adrishta (destiny). I am only a passive observer. The Lord is the only doer and inspirer. He is the most merciful also. I am not God. I am only His obedient servant and remember Him often. He who submits to Him totally, will have his shackles removed and will get liberation.”


In Bombay there was an Irani gentleman. He had a daughter, who was young. The daughter was cute and good looking but had a problem. She got fits every hour. Whenever the convulsions came, she moved her limbs violently, was unable to speak and fell down unconscious. No doctor could cure her of this disease. Some well meaning friends suggested that Baba’s Udi was very effective and hence should be applied. They also told the Irani that Udi would be available with one Kakasaheb Dixit staying at Vile Parle (suburb of Bombay). Next day the Irani went to Vile Parle and met Kakasaheb Dixit. Kakasaheb was only too eager to help and gave him Baba’s Udi prasadam. The Irani applied some part of the Udi to the forehead of the girl and mixed some with water and gave it internally. Initially, because of the effect of Udi, the convulsions which were coming at every hour now came at every seven hour intervals. A few days later, the convulsions stopped completely.


There was an old gentleman in Harda (Central Provinces - presently UP). Due to age, he was suffering from stones in his kidney. Oral medicines are not very effective for this ailment. The stones are removed by surgery. As this gentleman was old and infirm, surgery could not be performed. He felt that he was destined to suffer the pain till his death. May be because of his good deeds, the Inamdar (City Officer) of that city happened to be a firm devotee of Baba. He always had a stock of Udi prasadam. The old man’s son came to know through some friends the power and efficacy of Udi. He took some Udi from the Inamdar and gave it to his father. Within five minutes of administering the Udi, the stones were dissolved and came out in the urine. The old man felt a great sense of relief.


A Kayastha Prabhu caste lady in Bombay suffered extreme pain during delivery. She was very much frightened and because of labour pains did not want any children at all. In due course of time, she again became pregnant and was scared. Sri Ramamaruti of Kalyan, who was a staunch devotee of Baba, suggested the lady’s husband that she may be taken to Shirdi for a painless delivery. The husband and wife went to Shirdi and stayed there for some months. They worshipped Baba everyday and were benefited by His company. When the time for delivery came, there was the usual obstruction in the passage from the womb. She began to suffer labour pains and started chanting Baba’s name. Some neighbouring women came for help and gave her Baba’s Udi prasadam mixed with water. After that the delivery was very comfortable. The child, because of its fate, was still born. The mother, of course, got rid of her anxiety and pain and was ever grateful to Baba. Before closing this chapter, let us once again prostrate at the divine feet of the ever merciful and always forgiving our beloved Baba.

With this, the thirty fourth chapter, called as The Greatness of Udi-2, is complete. In the next chapter, Hemad Pant tells us about Kaka Mahajani’s friend and master, Bandra Insomnia case, Bala Patil Newaskar and other matters.

|| Sri Sadguru Sainathaarpanamasthu || Shubham Bhavatu ||
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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